Introducing the Rose PRO 3d printer — A 3d printer with user-friendly, good performance and product aesthetics. Start your unique 3d printing experience right now.

  • The equipment uses environmentally friendly and biodegradable PLA filaments

  • Safe packaging to ensure the goods are intact

  • High-quality print settings and Rose3d Slicer delivered with the printer

  • Get the support you need through email and community

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3d prints gallery

Model by @Renkitual; Printed by @Begonova

David Statue (assemble)

Size:250x200x350mm; Layer resolution: 0.25mm; Time: 3 Days;

Model by @Boldmachines Printed by @Begonova

Dog Eddie (assemble)

Size: 300x280x180mm; Layer resolution: 0.18mm; Time: 1 Day;

model by @Geoffro printed by @Begonova

Colossus Bust (High Res)

size: 110x60x120mm; layer resolution: 0.1mm; time: 5 Hours;

model by @Wkarraker printed by @Begonova

Star Wars BB-8 (assemble)

size: 150x150x170mm; layer resolution: 0.2mm; time: 8 Hours;

model by @ET-Huang printed by @Begonova


size: 40 x 25 x 50mm; layer resolution: 0.16mm; time: 30 Min;

model by @Fat Dragon Tom printed by @Begonova

Orcus (assemble)

size: 230x140x180mm; layer resolution: 0.1mm; time: 1 Day;

Up to 0.02mm layer resolution

The finest layer height can be printed at 0.02mm, which has a fineness that cannot be achieved by ordinary desktop 3D printers. The above picture shows the performance of "Moai" print test files at different finenesses, andit is almost impossible to see the stacking traces of 0.02mm layer height.

Review and videos


    Good looks+home use: Begonova Rose Pro 3D printer unboxing experience! Including super complete tutorial for beginners

    Begonova 3D printers have always been different. They still have a very high pursuit of appearance and printing quality.

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    Andrew Sink: FDM 3D Printer with Resin Quality!

    "The BEGONOVA Rose Go 3D Printer is a user-friendly machine that includes a detailed user manual, pre-sliced models, and an easy-to-use LCD color interface. If you are interested in an easy-to-use 3D printer that is designed for printing small models with high level of details, the Rose Go is a printer that you should definitely consider. "

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    DRUK3D: A small, neat, super-precise FDM printer!

    “A small, neat, super-precise FDM printer that produces print results like resin printers. I'm not signing up, I'm inviting you to a Rose Go movie where you'll see this little miracle and, of course, the test print as well.”

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    A3D Prints:Rose go 3D | the most compact, rugged and beautiful 3D printer through begonova

    "Hello, printers. I've brought you a comment on printers. It's at the end of the development process.: "

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