About us

Who we are

We are a very young and creative team. We have been playing 3D printers for 8 years. Our team consists of mechanical engineers, industrial designers, graphic designers and software engineers.We are in-depth users of 3D printers. When using 3D printers, we have never found a good product or brand that combines high quality, high-tech and affordable price. We want to develop, design and produce good products with better user experience, outstanding product quality and affordable price . In the end, we decided to start a business together

The journey so far!

Our brand has just started, and is in the stage of rapidly improving users.Our first product has been on-line on Kickstarter, and $57,000 USD has been gained, and then we have finished all the deliveries in case of epidemic situation. And we gained the recognition of a large number of users, and received many suggestions for improvement. Now we have been optimizing and hope to introduce our products to more users. Let more people know our brand and our values.

Technology is best when it brings people together

- Matt Mullenweg

Our values

BEGONOVA = begonia innovation

We think everyone is creative. It is our nature that we will create beautiful gifts and commemorative works for our loved ones, whether they are family member, friends or soulmate.We feel that the essence of creation is to create for our own good ideals and let more people link together. So for us, what we do is to help all the people who create and pursue their dreams for a better life. Following our values, we think our products should be simple, practicability and user-friendly

Simple, Practicability and User-Friendly


3D printers should not need to learn too much to start, but should be like tools, such as screwdrivers, so that users can start to use them intuitively, and gradually learn to print better quality 3D prints step by step. 3D printer fans cover from engineers to designers, from children to adults. People of different ages and different knowledge background will use 3D printers, so it should be easy for everyone to use it.


Pursues better quality prints, the ultimate performance can bring further creative possibilities.


We hope that the human-computer interaction design and product experience design of 3D printer can be optimized better to make it more convenient for the public to use. This can save customers time in the use of products, so that users can focus more on the creation


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