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DRUK3D REVIEW : A small, neat, super-precise FDM printer!

D043. Druk3D - Rose Go - super accurate printer. Unboxing and first print tests “A small, neat, super-precise FDM printer that produces print results like resin printers. I'm not signing up, I'm inviting you to a Rose Go movie where you'll see this little miracle and, of course, the test print as well.”       leave your comments so that we will know which way to develop this channel! Of course, we invite you to our other media: ➤ YT Domidrewno: ➤ YT ➤ YT Blonde can: ➤ FB Domidrewno Fanpage: ➤ FB Domidrewno group: ➤...

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Score 28 : Autodesk and Kickstarter Test Print

Autodesk and Kickstarter Test Print Hello, Dear Rose Go backers! This week we printed a prototype of FDM on Kickstarter using ROSE GO, and it worked great, so let's take a look at our results. The test geometry is a single, consolidated STL file that tests a printer’s dimensional accuracy, resolution, and alignment. We tested it on the ROSE GO prototype and printed with a layer height of 0.15 mm. Source: Timelapse Video 3D Printing Model: ROSE GO Filament: ROSE GO PLA Nozzle Temperature: 195℃ Layer Height: 0.15mm Printing Speed: 30 mm/s Time: 8h Infill:10%  播放 Dimensional Accuracy To assess dimensional...

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Andrew Sink BEGONOVA Rose Go Review – FDM 3D Printer with Resin Resolution

The BEGONOVA Rose Go 3D Printer is a user-friendly machine that includes a detailed user manual, pre-sliced models, and an easy-to-use LCD color interface. If you are interested in an easy-to-use 3D printer that is designed for printing small models with high level of details, the Rose Go is a printer that you should definitely consider. With the majority of the consumer 3D printer market focused on increasingly larger build volumes and higher temperature material capabilities, it’s refreshing to see a machine that is designed for a specific target market with a feature set that supports specific applications. Rose Go...

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