Rose PRO 3D Printer

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    You will receive the Rose PRO 3D Printer including everything you need.
    · Magnetic Print Plate with Removable Print Sheet
    · PLA Filament 1000g
    · Controller (Cortex-M4 Processor)
    · 3.5 inch Touchscreen
    · Easy and Free software
    · Engage in the BEGONOVA global community
    Print head & Heatbed Max temp

    print head: 0-260°C

    heatbed: 0-100°C

    Pritning material


    Rose PRO 3D Printer
    Rose PRO 3D Printer
    Rose PRO 3D Printer
    Rose PRO 3D Printer
    Rose PRO 3D Printer
    Rose PRO 3D Printer
    • The equipment uses environmentally friendly and biodegradable PLA filaments

    • Safe packaging to ensure the goods are intact

    • High-quality print settings and Rose3d Slicer delivered with the printer

    • Get the support you need through email and community

    • Curved Acrylic Encloser

    • Unique Design

    • Modual Printhead

    • 5x5 Auto-leveling

    • Large Print Area

    • Support materials

    With the curved acrylic encloserfor Rose Pro,printing different special filamentsis as easy as a snap. Inspired by the theater, the printing process of the model is like the actors shining on stage. When the model is printed and the idea is realized,your work is like a great art piece inside the curved acrylic cover.

    With the unique design, taking models has never been so easy andit allows you to view the printed object from zero to one from all angles.

    Fully enclosed printhead, dual cooling fans with dual air duct design. This allows for fast cooling when printing, resulting in flat stacks of printed objects.
    The modular design of the printhead allows for easy maintenance by removing the printhead through the aerial connector.

    Many first-time 3D printing enthusiasts,are unable to complete the leveling setup and are unable to print successfully.Rose Pro is equipped with 5 X 5 point automatic leveling system. It makes the 3D printing leveling less complicated. Just press one button to finish leveling and start printing.

    The RosePro 3d printer has a print area of X250 Y220 Z240.The large print area allows users to create as much as they want. Thanks to the excellent printing area,users can print multiple objects at once, with high efficiency.

    The printhead supports up to 260 degrees and the hot bed supports up to 100 degrees,allowing users to print on a wider variety of printing materials. For example,PLA, TPU, PETG, ABS, PA,where PETG, ABS, PA need to use curved acrylic encloser.

    • Automatic pause

    • Automatic save

    • Automatic power off

    • Four ambient light colors

    When the filament run out, it will trigger the detector and themachine will pause printing and wait for the filament to be replaced.After replacing the filament, click Continue to print andit will resume printing.

    When the machine is printing,if the power is out or unplugged,RosePro will save the printing progress.When power is restored and the machine is turned back on,click Resume to continue printing at the paused position.

    When the user is not next to the machine and the machine is printing, the user will be concerned about the power consumption of the machine after printing and staying on standby.RosePro has an automatic shutdown function that allows the machine to shut down automatically when the printing task is completed.

    The theater lighting mode of RosePro 3d printer hasfour ambient light styles to choose from: white light, purple light, orange and blue ambient light and purple-pink ambient light.The brightness of the lights can be adjusted by using the plus or minus buttons.Reduced to the minimum that is to turn off the lights.

    Up to 0.02mm layer resolution

    The finest layer height can be printed at 0.02mm, which has a fineness that cannot be achieved by ordinary desktop 3D printers. The left picture shows the performance of "Moai" print test files at different finenesses, andit is almost impossible to see the stacking traces of 0.02mm layer height.

    The benefits of 0.02mm-0.3mm layer resolution

    Compared with the digital display used in traditional 3D printers,Rose PRO adopts a new 3.5-inch full-color touch screen.Better display effect, better user experience.

    3.5Inch Touch Screen

    Thanks to the precision assembly,RosePro can easily accomplish the task of printing 0.02-0.3mm layer resolution with high precision. The finer layer precisionallows the details of the printed work to be rendered and reduces the complexity of the post-processing process.

    Theater lighting mode

    Inspired by theater stage lighting,multiple ambient light colorsmake prints look good any way you shoot.It allows users to see the model printed in full at night.

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