About us

Rose Go 3D Printer

Who we are

BEGONOVA is a group of people who have been deeply involved in the 3D printing industry for many years. Our team members have diverse backgrounds in mechanical design, software development, and internet industry experience.
Besides we are desktop 3D printer users.

We believe that with the development of 3D printing technology, more users will enrich their lives and create their own unique lifestyles through desktop 3D printers in the future.

Our design philosophy of 3d printer

  • Simple

    3D printers should not need to learn too much to start, but should be like tools, such as screwdrivers, so that users can start to use them intuitively, and gradually learn to print better quality 3D prints step by step. 3D printer fans cover from engineers to designers, from children to adults. People of different ages and different knowledge background will use 3D printers, so it should be easy for everyone to use it.

  • Handy

    We hope that the human-computer interaction design and product experience design of 3D printer can be optimized better to make it more convenient for the public to use. This can save customers time in the use of products, so that users can focus more on the creation

  • Practicability

    Pursues better quality prints, the ultimate performance can bring further creative possibilities.