I can’t tell if the material is enough to print the next model.

The Rose Series 3D printer has a Filament Run-Out detection
module, when the material is exhausted, the printer stores
the current print position, and when the user reloads the
material, the printer will continue printing at the stopped

I would like to turn on the lights on the 3D printer.

Please click “Light Adjustment” in “Settings” in the main
menu of the printer, switch the light state and adjust the
light brightness.

RosePro 3d Printer

What if the material cannot be attached to the build plate when the 3D printer prints the first layer of the model?

In the area without good adhesion, rotate the manual
leveling knob under the printing platform, adjust the
distance between the nozzle and the build plate, and
observe the printing until the extruded material can be
attached to the build plate. After printing for a long time,
use tweezers to clean the impurities on the nozzle. Change
the printing parameters, reduce the layer resolution of the
fifirst layer, increase the extrusion rate of the fifirst layer, and
reduce the printing speed of the fifirst layer.

RoseGo 3d Printer

Frequently asked question

You can fine tune the looseness inside the setting for the distance between the nozzle and the printing platform. You'll get better adhesion with a black frosted print platform piece, and you can apply a little solid adhesive to it if necessary. 

Frequently asked question

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